(FREE APP) How I finally crushed 90 days NoFap….after years of failing.

I discovered the secret to succeed at Nofap & I created an App to help you too!

It happen to me exactly one year ago

At the time I was working a full-time job

Good pay, easy enough job, I had my own apartment.

I was working 9 hours a day sitting behind a computer screen.

And then I would come home to my lonely apartment.

Eating pizza in my bed and watching Netflix.

There's something about mixing these two pleasures at the same time, that makes it so good.

I was trying to do nofap but I would eventuate into relapse.

I knew the ‘superpowers' were real but I couldn't control the urges when they came.

Plus I didn't interact with women, so I asked myself ‘What was the point?'

Even though I had the money I was coming home to an empty apartment every night.

I felt extremely lonely.

That's when I path in life suddenly changed.

The company I was working for was struggling to meet profits.

My position had been terminated!

I was shocked by these events initially but after awhile I took this opportunity to change everything.

I left my apartment, I packed my bags and moved cities.

New city, new me…I told myself.

I moved into a 16 bed dorm in a hostel and took the first job I got.

It was a charity street sales role.

Yes! I was that annoying guy on the street that stops you and pretends to be your friend for money!

From then on my thoughts of relapse vanished.

1 week past, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 3 months..nofap

I was living in a 16 bed dorm, I was constantly socializing! and better yet the uncomfortably of living with that many strangers motivated me to go outside.

My sales roles increased my social activity

Living in a hostel increased my social activity

And my interaction with women increase drastically.

I could now see the visible effects of ‘the nofap superpowers'

Some days I would have conversations with pretty girls and the tension and vibration between us would be so strong that we would be unconsciously start holding hands.

I even started going to the gym twice a day! Morning and Night!

It was like I was living life at whole another level.

If my body was a car, I was driving in 5th gear!

Now if some of you are reading this, you may think to yourself…

‘Thats great buddy, I'm happy for you but I'm not leaving my job to live in a hostel and take crappy charity job'

But that's not the lesson here.

What I learnt is that trying to withold from nofap isn't the answer to succeeding

I learnt ‘nofap success' and ‘increase superpowers' is a a result from ‘increased activity'

Staying at home and not moving around is your downfall.

Where being outside and active will minimize thoughts of pleasure.

The truth is we weren't designed to be passive

When we are passive our animistic brain thinks that we have achieved the resources we want and prepares us for reproductions.

And that's where the relapse starts

Inversely when we are active our brains goes into hunter mode. Our testosterone, our motivation and sexual attractiveness increase.

Everyday we make decisions with our day; ‘will I passive or will I active?'

Will I stay home, play video game, watch Netflix and potentially masturbate?

Or will I go outside, take actions towards my goals or socialise with others?

All it takes is to leave your the comfortable environment of your room.

Of course I am not also motivated to do this aswell.

I make excuses, I forget that this is the dynamic to success.

That's why I have created my own app

My app is a simple design…

To detect when your home and alarm you to leave immediately

It is annoying and persistent in it's alarm

Even if you TURN if OFF, the alarm will repeat every 1 minute until you LEAVE.

It's basically an annoying alarm clock with a GPS function built it.

Check out the video below to understand more and if you're interested I'm offering it for FREE.

But only for NOW! It won't be FREE Forever.

To your NoFap Success,

Zaid Alasfar