Women who don’t dress modest are ‘FEMALE SIMPS’

    Think about, what is a SIMP?

    A man who is so desperate for sexual gratification that he will do anything to achieve it.

    He will compromise his own integrity

    He lose all respect for himself and others to get that gratification.

    He will evenly cheaply let go of his time, energy and even hard earned money.

    Just for possiblity of sex which he is so focused on — that he truly believes it will bring him happiness.

    Now let’s look at the female counterparts…

    Obviously because sexual gratification is such a abundant resource and the gratification is often not as high as it is for man.

    Women move towards ego gratification as a common short term pleasure.

    This means acquiring attention from men as a temporary relief from negative self talk or other day to day problems she may be suffering from.

    Again like the male simp

    This person WILL:

    Compromise their integrity to get that validation

    Lose all respect for themselves and from others in doing so

    She will even spend massive of time and money herself (buying makeup, doing makeup,buying slutty clothes, taking gym selfies…)

    Just so she can get her ‘hit’

    Now can you see how both these people are pathetic?

    You should feel equally embarassed for both of them.

    Next time you see a woman dressed immodestly

    I want you to imagine how weak willed this person truly is

    How needy and desperate she if the attention of any man that will give it.

    How needy and pathetic she is for your attention.

    She is a SIMP

    And there is nothing attractive about simps.


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