Is Solitude & the edge of Insanity the path to creation?

    Lately I’m faced with a dilemma

    There’s two things I want right now

    1. To Learn Russian
    2. Build my blog up and other business ventures

    Just to give you some background, I’m living in Ukraine and I speak barely any Russian.

    A couple of days ago I went to the grocery store.

    I was standing in the checkout line, day dreaming.

    When I suddenly realised the checkout girl was making strong eye contact at me. I could tell that she liked me.

    It’s hard to describe the look but I understood she was attracted to me.

    I held eye contact with her for awhile and we both knew there was physical attraction between both of us

    Once I got to my turn at the counter she jumped into my arms kissing me while I picked her up off the ground.

    Just kidding

    As per usual, we both nervously shuffled along doing the normal societal routine between employee and customer

    She asked if I needed a bag, I said yes, I paid with my card and she gave it back to me.

    When the encounter finished we both looked back at each other hoping for something more.

    What was I suppose to do? I thought as I left.

    I can’t even speak Russian

    Plus I feel so burnt out with interacting with mentally ill ego-centric women from Australia, I have zero motivation to pursue the opposite gender anymore.

    I do want to learn Russian though.

    However I find it so boring to just sit down and study some strange words.

    Learning a language can get very tedious

    I was on YouTube and watched a video by Jim Kwik on how to speed up your learning.

    It was a insightful video

    I invite you to check it out.

    To summarise, Jim says that you can learn quickly if you are ‘having fun’ and in a ‘positive mindset’

    I pondered how I could achieve this

    How could I have fun and learn Russian at the same time.

    Suddenly I had an epiphany

    Maybe I could use the checkout girl..

    Maybe I could ask her to be my friend to help me learn Russian…

    That way I could enjoy the sexual tension between both of us while learning a language.

    It seemed like a good idea and I planned to take action.

    But before doing this I watched another video on YouTube

    This one is from my favourite YouTube ‘Academy of Ideas. The video was on the ‘Psychology of Solitude’ I put a link to the video below.

    To summarise the video talks about the dangers of Solitude

    Human beings are social creatures and designed to interacted with others.

    By taking away social interaction from oneself we can be driven to insanity

    However if you can conquer the darkness of solitude you are be able to increase your consciousness and realise your full potential.

    The way to do this, the video describes, is to put your energy into creation and work rather than into people

    By isolating yourself and moving towards the edge of insanity you have no choice but to redirect your energy into creation or be consumed by the darkness.

    This video was extremely powerful and I reflected how fortunate I am be living a foreign country where I am forced in solitude.

    Both information I learn recently was very powerful

    I’m not sure which path to take

    Do I leverage the gratification of interacting with a woman to accelerate my learning of Russian or continue the road of isolation, push myself to the edge of insanity to realise my full potential and create something meaningful….

    I think I will ask God for his guidance.


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