Is Religion the path to overcoming man? Pt.1

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    I’m writing this blog post in a mosque in Dubai.

    Recently I’ve had some fortunate circumstances that have led me to the Middle East.

    As you know from reading my earlier posts I am an introspective person

    I enjoying reading psychology to understand my own limitations

    Limitations created from early childhood trauma

    I know I am not the only one, we all have limitations

    Some deeper than others

    But what is the average person suppose to do?

    Are we all suppose to become deep analytical thinkers of one self?

    Does life require we follow the leading thinkers in psychology?

    So we can self diagnosis

    And even if we do begin to understand

    Our limitations are deeply rooted into our unconscious

    How are we suppose to stay concious every waking minute to avoid our unconscious tendencies?

    It seems this road is extremely difficult

    But of course it has to be

    To overcome ‘man’ himself

    If it was easy then everyone would become Superman.

    Then there would be nothing ‘super’ about him.

    Lately I’ve been studying religion and drawn some underlying golden principles.

    Principles that are timeless

    Principles that make sense

    Principles that will help me finally overcome myself

    The key to my lock.

    And maybe even the key to yours…

    I don’t know

    But there is a reason this practice has resonated throughout the ages

    Maybe life and man’s struggle has already been figured out.

    I will be going over these principles in the next blog post.

    Thanks for reading!


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