Faith vs Uncertainty

    During the darkest depression phase of my life.

    I worked as a fundraiser for charity.

    I went from doing sales and running a business trying to ‘make it’

    To working in call centres and streets asking people for money.

    It wasn’t an easy job.

    To be a bright, bubbly and energetic person while having a constant emptiness in my soul.

    I persevered.

    And it was therapeutic to work for a charity.

    To remind myself that other’s were going through and overcoming greater adversity.
    More than than I will understand.

    But gratefulness isn’t the point of this story.

    One day I was standing on the streets of the suburb in Waterloo, Sydney.

    That day I was receiving a little more than usual animosity from strangers.

    Except for random encounters throughout the day with particular types of people.

    These people greeted with big smile and a warmness

    I decided to investigate further.

    It turned out they all belonged to ‘Hillsong Church’

    They invited me to go.

    I was sceptical at first but these people where so welcoming and loving, I became mesmerised.

    So I went, it was a Sunday night.

    I remember that night clearly,  filled with overwhelming emotion.

    After the service, I walked back to bustop and cried.

    I sat on the dark part of the street as I wanted to stay unnoticed.

    And cried for what seemed like half n hour.

    That night I received an overwhelming amount of love.

    During my 20’s I had received harsh negative feedback from my external reality.

    But again that is not the point of this story.

    The more I went to church, the more I understood the underlying message of the service.

    It was powerful.

    The underlying message of this church.

    Was to let go.

    That was the most incredible message that changed my outlook on life.

    To let go and have faith God is for you.

    Now if you’re not religious and have trouble believing in God, then swap out the word God for Universe.

    And I invite you to at least believe this.

    Everything is already predestined and out of your control.

    All you can do is have faith in God’s love for you.

    Let go of your control for the future.

    Let go  of your struggles to get ‘what you want’

    Let go of your fears of ‘what you don’t want’

    It is not within your control.

    Only God wan control it and he has already laid everything out for you.

    Have faith in his love.

    Even in the good times.

    And the bad.

    Every since hearing that message I have felt an enormous weight take off my shoulders.

    I am no longer anxious, stressed or fearful over a future that is out my control.

    I know you dealing with those emotions too.

    You can live a life without them.

    All you have to do is believe. 




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