Eliminating Objectification of Women…

    There is no doubt the reality I live in is one where the opposite sex is crippled with self-esteem issues.

    Ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius proposed.

    ‘Mankind are innately benevolent’

    This is true.

    Yet why are more and more men exposed to the dark-side of female nature.

    There are thousands and thousands of reports across the internet

    Female Entitlement




    The growth of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) has been exponential

    I too have been on the front-line witnessing the deterioration of femininity

    In a perfect world human beings are capable of connecting with one another.

    Warmly responding and communicating their thoughts and feelings.

    Of course it takes time and practice to reach that level of communication

    But being awkward is one thing

    And being hostile is another

    Yet I have seen the the later from complete strangers of the opposite sex.

    But why?

    These women are suffering.

    You see, people who ‘hate you

    Usually hate themselves

    People who ‘judge’ you

    Usually judge themselves

    It’s the same voice in their head

    It’s what famous psychologist Carl Jung describes as ‘The Shadow’ Personality

    All women are naturally kind hearted

    Yet consumed by negative self-talk

    They have low self-esteem

    But how has this happened?

    The answer is ‘Objectification’

    Now I can’t pinpoint one source on how this human behaviour occurred.

    It is most likely to be nurture and nature.


    • Dominant Society Value and Beliefs
    • Media- (Movies, Magazines, Pornography) , Herd Mentality, Schooling Etc
    • Parents and interaction between opposite sex parents


    • The survival instinct for men to spread as much of seed as possible
    • The value of a woman to reproduce.

    There is no doubt that:

    Women trained to be ‘Objects of Desire’

    Men trained to ‘Desire them as Objects’

    And this has been fuelled further by our animal instincts

    So you might ask

    ‘What does this have to do with anything and has does it explain ‘bad’ female behaviour

    My theory split into 3 hypotheses

    Although not all these hypotheses may not be correct.

    They are all based of observations made by me and other people’s realities

    1. Objectification leads to Self- Objectification which leads to Low Self-Worth

    Objectification from men leads women to ‘Objectify’ themselves

    Focusing their entire worth on their appearance

    If they have a moment where they do not perceive themselves as beautiful

    Or compare themselves to someone prettier

    They feel worthless.

    The issue with people who have low self-worth

    Is that they believe that they are NOT worthy of love and respect

    That is why most women attracted to men who treat them badly.

    There is an abundance of men willing to love a women unconditionally

    Even though it may be for objectification reasons

    Women self-sabotage their decisions

    They move towards the men more likely to cheat, insult or ignore them

    Because that’s the treatment they believe they deserve.

    They create their own realities.

    2. Unable to understand what inner value is

    Self Objectification manifests in a greater emphasis placed on one’s object value

    Rather than inner value

    “People who can’t see their own value. Can’t see yours. “

    Women who can’t appreciate their own intellect

    Can’t appreciate yours as a man.

    Women can’t appreciate their own sense of humour

    Can’t appreciate yours as a man.

    It doesn’t matter if you are man with a range of attractive qualities

    If the opposite sex can’t see their own, they won’t see yours.

    3. Lack of Rejection & Overexposure to Ego-Gratification

    Placing an object value on women’s body

    Changes the sexual economics (supply and demand)

    With women having an apparent value

    This means the demand for vagina is much higher

    Than the demand for penis

    With supply staying the same.

    This demand creates an abundance of love interests options for women

    Combined with dominant society values and beliefs

    Women are not required and do not feel the need to approach men

    This is detrimental to women as it causes a lack of rejection

    And over-exposure to ego-gratification.

    The benefits to rejection is that it allows you to develop a stronger sense of self

    The short term emotional pain

    Results in long term mental strength

    Freedom to express yourself without concern of judgement from others.

    Women in this reality will rarely become mentally strong enough

    To experience this freedom

    Inversely the over-supply of ego gratification from men

    Cripples them with social-inhibitions

    Fear of the judgement from their friends or other people.

    This can also lead to constant validation seeking, narcissism, obnoxiousness and female entitlement.

    Ego-gratification is poisonous for the personality


    This is the end of my article.

    There is no conclusion or outcome

    Only to describe the observations of many men in the reality I live in

    And to suggest actions from those observations.

    The action is to end all objectification of women.

    It will not only help men, but help women.

    This hostile reality we live in allows us men to become more conscious and higher thinking.

    We now understand our own psychology, behaviour and the behaviour of the opposite sex.

    While they are left in the unconscious world with no awareness of who they are or existence as a whole.

    Gifted with this environment.

    It is our responsibility to change things.


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