Stop Doing NoFap……Do this Instead ( This is the REAL path to Increased ‘Superpowers’)

I've been doing nofap for about 2 years now.

Like anyone else in the community, I have had my cycles of streaks and relapses.

I remember the first week I started nofap.

It was unlike anything I had witnessed in my reality.

The superpowers were true

I was unbearable horny, super confident & masculine

And I must of been releasing some sort of pheromones

Because I was getting NOTICED!

I would stand at traffic light intersection, women would turn their head

I would go the shops, the checkout girl would be smiling at me

I would be day dreaming in public, only to wake up and realise a girl was eyeing me.

What a reality I was now living in! I couldn't believe it.

The so called ‘Superpowers' were true!

To this day I still think back to that reality. How great to have the opposite gender chasing you and attracted to you!

If you live in a Western society, then you would understand how rare this is.

Anyway over time the superpowers mysteriously faded

And instead was replaced by the feelings of Nihilism, Depression and Zero Libido

The dreaded ‘Flatline'.

Eventually I would relapse and be trapped in this cycle.

I have contemplated and philosophised a great deal throughout my journey.

I wanted to find out how I could recreate those feeling of ‘Superpowers‘ and eliminate the ‘Flatline'.

And after two years I think I have discovered the truth.

The current thinking that the superpowers are formed from increased testosterone and attracts women through sex hormones may only be partially true.

The answer is to withhold from all forms Gratification

‘Superpowers' is not hormonal but from a re-balancing of energy

When you delay short term pleasures, they came back to you

The short term pain of withholding from pleasure and your natural desires.

Lets you experience the long term pleasure of a higher consciousness and real power

That means getting rid of everything

  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Drinking
  • Playing Video Games
  • Jerking Off
  • Eating Junk Food
  • Chasing One Night Stands
  • Validating my Self Worth by what people think of me.
  • Spending money on shit

You must dip into the painful existence of removing all pleasure so that you can propel yourself into a higher vibrating powerful being. 

By doing so you are able to shift the paradigm you are currently living in and manifest a new reality. 

But this not this is no easy feat.

The thing is your brain has been hard-wired to seek short-term pleasure and comfort.

It is an unconscious instinct

And they only way to win is to remain conscious of this instinct.

In other words….

‘You have to be conscious that you are unconscious'

So that you do not fall back  to pleasure seeking and lose your power.

And the BEST way to do this is through Blogging.

You have to keep track of your thinking by expressing your thoughts.

  • To become mindful of your weakness and negative self talk. 
  • And at the same time create something of value for you and this world.

That's how everyone who retained long streaks of nofap have succeeded. 

All the Reddit forum stories, the YouTubers (GoldenJacketLuke, aanghel…), the bloggers….

You see…

They didn't succeed at nofap and start blogging

They succeeded at nofap because they blogged

This is the secret, along with getting rid of all pleasures in your life…

So I ask you

Are you tired of the paradigm you're stuck in?
Do you want to feel proud you created something in this world?
Do you want to break free of gratification and overcome your unconscious self?

If so I invite you check out my video course ‘Empower Yourself By Blogging'. Also if you have any more questions you can contact me on Instagram. (See link below)

A Sneak Peak of my Video Course...'Empower Yourself By Blogging'

Choose Fulfillment Over Gratification....