Why NoFap is Important After Breakup

    Why NoFap is Important After Breakup

    One of man’s weaknesses and strengths is our high physical attraction to beautiful women

    It’s a weakness because it means that we can more readily be a slave to them

    A slave to the gratification of sex, love and affection

    It is what allows men to hand over power to women in a relationship

    It is what allows societies to crumble under the movements of feminism and female self entitlement

    However it is also one of our strengths

    It provides us power during times of breakup

    Imagine the girl that you are heart broken over

    The girl that ripped your heart out or cheated on you

    You feel sad right? You miss the affection? You miss the intimate moments together?

    This is true and those moments of course were special

    However now imagine a new girl in your life with higher psychical appearance

    Younger, Tighter Body, Cuter Face

    And don’t just stop at psychical beauty

    Imagine attractive personality qualities your ex didn’t have

    Gratefulness, Respect, Admiration

    How do you feel now?

    Better right?

    That is our power.

    The power of psychical attraction allows us to move on from breakup alot quicker.

    That being said, the catalyst to this power is Nofap

    If you are sad and jerking off, you will cause yourself to seep further in the pain of the breakup

    You chose to jerk off and have high emotional pain or not to jerk off and have a natural instinct within you that will protect you.

    Its your choice

    In fact you should see it now that you are indeed lucky

    The emotional pain from breakup will push you improve your nofap streak

    Nothing motivates like the avoidance of pain

    It will drive you increase nofap streaks, increase will power and the rewards of even more beautiful girl

    Leverage your new gift from God.

    God Bless


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