The truth behind NoFap & Muscle Growth

    The truth behind NoFap & Muscle Growth

    Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that kids have the ability to learn much faster than adults?

    Or why is that children have way more energy than the average adult?

    The answer to these questions is because children have a purity about them

    They have not been affected by the darkness of sins

    They have not accumulated misdeeds which has affected their very soul

    I invite you to do this as experimentation

    Fast all day and remember god

    And if you’re not a believer in god, than I simply offer you this invitation

    See what happens

    • The children will noticed you
    • They will turn their head and smile at you as you work done the street
    • The animals will come up to you and love you

    Heck even the trees will lean towards you and cover you with there shade

    That’s because all these things have a higher level of purity

    And when you purify your soul

    Not only do you feel the peace and love of everything around you

    But you will feel stronger and your memory will increase.

    A famous Islamic scholar in the past onced complained of having a weak memory after he

    noticed the lower leg of woman

    He teacher replied you want to improve your memeory, stay away from sin

    Thats because all strength and power comes from light

    The light of God and you can manifest his power


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