Indicators of Low Self Esteem so you can run the f**k away….

    When I was a young man I would fall in love with every pretty girl I saw

    Unable to see the person as a human being with feelings and thoughts

    I was completely mesmerised by the desirable object that person presented.

    What they were’

    Not ‘who they were’

    Even if I liked a particular look on a girl

    I would be completely crippled by my emotions

    My imagination would run wild

    Creating a fictional world where I was that girl’s boyfriend

    I would imagine holding her hand

    Coming home from work with flowers

    Holding her in my arms and kissing her

    I became attached to this fantasy

    Dealing with this meant I was unable to talk to any girl I liked

    And risk rejection

    To have my fictional world implode.

    Brought back to reality.

    I learnt the pain of inaction

    I would watch time and time again the girl I liked taken away by some other guy that had the courage to do something.

    While I was too scared to do anything

    Fast-forward I am 28 years old I have the confidence to talk to any girl I want.

    Sure I still feel scared from time to time but that is natural.

    You are suppose to feel scared, It never goes away

    First I see a girls I’m attracted to.

    summon the courage to talk to her.

    Then I be myself.

    While being myself, I judge whether or not the girl I’m speaking to.

    Has any internal qualities worth investing my time into.

    listen to my heart.

    Is there a connection?

    Now here is the thing.

    After talking to and surveying so many girls I’ve come to this conclusion.

    A good majority of people in this world have low self-esteem.

    I don’t want to go in why or how they have low self-esteem

    It’s the reality of the situation

    Now people that have bad self-esteem.

    Usually detest other’s who are confident and outgoing

    There may be a couple of reasons for this behaviour

    Sometimes if put in a situation where people are at risk of rejection, looking stupid in front of others or emotional pain in general.

    People will hurt you to save themselves.

    Other possibilities is that low-self esteem people tend to victimise themselves.

    That girl may blame men for her past relationship failures and vice versa

    Who knows


    The purpose of this blog is help you avoid these types of people

    For a man approaching women in public

    Low Self Esteem women will deliver harsh rejections.

    Now for advanced type guys these rejections can be great fuel for your growth.

    Harsh rejections from the beginning can be detrimental for your growth

    Also you want to avoid dating or getting in a relationship with these women.

    As they do not believe they are worthy of love and respect and will often self-sabotage.

    So here are the signs

    1. Has Visible Tattoos

    This one I’ve debated over with colleagues but I’ve stuck to my original hypothesis.

    People with ‘visible tattoos’ are invested into their ‘social mask’.

    Meaning they care alot what other’s think of them.

    This is a huge indicator of low self esteem.

    Stay Away.

    2. Smoke Cigarettes

    I smoke cigarettes for 9 years and still can’t shake off the habit completely.

    Yes I came from a low esteem beginning.

    Yes cigarettes mean low esteem.

    People that don’t respect their bodies usually don’t respect themselves.

    Also they are slave to their emotions and gratification which is a by-product of low self esteem.

    3. Drinks Frequently

    Same theory as above.

    Needs to escape reality because they hate themselves and their lives.

    4. Occasionally does Drugs

    Again same as above.


    Sorry fatties you’re on this list

    The body is usually an extension of your mind.

    Healthy body = healthy mind

    Not always the case I know where those self-centred instagram models.

    Their self esteem is garbage too.

    But better than a fat person.

    6. Wears Revealing Clothes/ Too much Makeup

    Women that wear revealing clothes most likely get ‘high’ off the attention of strange men.

    Women will argue that this is not the case and they are just doing it to ‘feel good’ about themselves

    Same with the makeup

    I don’t believe this to be true

    7. Uses Snapchat or Instagram Filters in their Photos

    Don’t love themselves enough to put up a picture without the added effects.

    You will notice this more on Tinder/ Social Media

    Low Self Esteem.

    8. Doesn’t show their full face in their Photos

    Same as above.

    9. Looks down or disagrees with you when you compliment them

    This is a huge one because sometimes you’ll speak to a girl that shows none of the indicators from above.

    Talks confidently

    Can keep the conversation flowing.

    Is funny.


    Then you go to sincerely compliment her and then …..BAM…..low self esteem.

    Deep down doesn’t believe she possess those qualities.

    10. Grew up with a single parents or unhealthy childhood.

    It’s a subconscious thing.

    You need to good parents to subconsciously copy them.

    Understand how to be in relationship yourself.

    Happy hunting gentlemen

    And remember

    Most of the time girls don’t reject you

    They have already rejected themselves!

    Good – Luck!


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