You either get validation or love. You can’t have both…

    I just watched a video on Miami’s most Legendary Playboy

    This guy looks like he got everything out of life

    Good looks, money, many beautiful women, respect/ ego gratification…everything

    He attained all these things….in the 80s

    Now he is a withering old man who is still holding onto his past

    There is something deeply depressing about this video

    This man seems to have lived every man’s dream

    But he is missing one thing


    He’s missing a wife and family that genuinely love him

    His house is filled with pictures of celebrity friendships and good time memories

    But it is empty of love

    And so is this man’s heart…

    I think this an example of a universal phenomenon

    Many short term pleasures are an eventual long term pain

    All sex with many women cost you the genuine love of 1 faithful wife

    All attention from many men cost you the genuine attention of 1 loving husband

    All respect from many acquaintances cost you the genuine respect from 1 true friend

    This is fundamental law of the universe and can be applied at an extreme scale like this guy

    Or in varying scales like the average person in this world

    I guess its just a reminder that

    While everyone in this world is seeking validation. It will eventually cost them love You can’t have both.


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